Medical worker head

Career Opportunities

• Dental Assistant • Registered Nurse
• X-Ray Technician • Dental Technician
• Certified Nursing Assistant • Dental Hygienist

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Have you ever thought of yourself at work wearing a stethoscope around your neck? Do you know the difference between a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse? Would you like the opportunity to earn college credit while a junior or senior in high school? Do you like a “hands-on” approach to learning? This is your class! Lessons will be taught by using a variety of approaches, including lecture and discussion, anatomy dissection labs, medical competency labs, clinical rotations, and a job shadowing component. You will master medical terminology while studying the normal structure and function of the human body as compared to the disease process of the human body. This course is structured with an emphasis on anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology. You can earn a science credit along with an elective credit! The instructors and professional health care staff work together to teach lessons that complement one another and provide many “hands on” opportunities. You also have an opportunity to earn dual credit at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana and at any one of the many Indiana locations of Ivy Tech Community College. This course requires that all students, participating in clinical experiences at hospitals and community clinics, must submit records verifying current immunizations in HBV and submit a current TB test.

        Educational Opportunities
Indiana University Northwest Vincennes University
Ivy Tech Community College Purdue North Central
Valparaiso University IUPUI
Lincoln Tech (Melrose Park)  
H.S. and Career & Technical Education Graduate:   $7.50-$15.00/hr.
Additional Technical Training:   $10.50-$80.00/hr.
Grade 11,12       Credits 6-8