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Career Opportunities

• Receptionist • Bank Teller • Retail Salesperson
• Pre-School Teacher • Travel Agent
• Administrative Assistant • Customer Service
• Maintenance • Animal Care • Dietary Aide

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Strategic Marketing Education Field Experience
Hobart High School - Grade 12; Cr.8

Strategic Marketing Internship
Porter County Career Technical Center - Grade 12; Cr.6-8

Work Study
Portage High School - Grade 12; Cr.6
Chesterton High School - Grade 12; Cr.8

If you would like to get a paycheck and earn high school credits at the same time, then consider enrolling in one of the classes above. Expect to earn cash and credits throughout the year and get your foot in the door toward building a successful career. Most of the work stations are not typical "youth jobs" with limited skill requirements and most have opportunity for advancement. As a school-to-work student you will be attending your home school part of the day and working a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

If you are interested in the marketing field, then sign up for either the Marketing Internship or Marketing Education Field Experience class. You will earn six to nine college credits for successfully completing the marketing internship program. If you don’t have a specific career selection yet, Work Study programs offer you the opportunity to do some career exploration. Sign up for one of these year long school-to- work options and begin your business and industry networking opportunities while still in high school.
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