digging in the dirt and car repairs Principles for Student Success

Principles for Student Success

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5 Principles for Student Success:

1) Focus on curriculum.

2) Maintain a safe school environment that is warm and welcoming.

3) Teachers will be highly knowledgeable and work collaboratively.

4) Student attitude and motivation are supported by a success breeds success approach.

5) Parents are informed and actively involved in their student's progress at school.

Key Practices:

  • Have high expectations for all students.
  • Encourage students to set goals and plan for advanced study.
  • Prepare all students to succeed.
  • Providing career guidance.
  • Integrate work place learning whenever practical.
  • Teach and support what employers expect of students.
  • Prepare students to become future leaders.
  • Encourage students to treat community service as an obligation of citizenship.


Seattle Fish Market™ Philosophy

  • Have Fun at Work
  • Learning is Enhanced by Emotion
  • Promote a Friendly Environment

Johnson and Johnson (One Minute Manager Series)™

  • Catch People Doing the Right Thing
  • Set Goals and Focus on Goals
  • Praise Frequently and Honestly