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Video Production & Media Studies

Video Production & Media Studies

Do you want to know how to produce a TV show, be a news reporter or shoot and edit your own films? Would you like to be on the cutting edge in the communications field? If these are career paths that are appealing to you, then consider signing up for this program. Video Production and Media Studies will provide instruction in various communication, media, production, and technical functions and tasks performed by employees, including management personnel, in broadcasting and communications occupations. Emphasis will be placed on career opportunities, production, programming, announcing, equipment operation, news and sports casting, broadcasting regulations and laws, technical, oral/written communication, and listening skills. Video Production and Media Studies students will learn the five components of television: camera operations, audio, lighting, writing, and editing. Students will have the opportunity to learn editing, directing, producing, camera operation, audio and lighting. You will train on professional equipment, creating a variety of video projects, including music videos, commercials, and short films. Students should have a strong interest in fine arts, speech, production, journalism, and electronics.

Grade: 11,12

Credits: 6-8

Location: Career Center

Dual Credit Available

Educational Opportunities

Ball State University
Ivy Tech Community College
Indiana University
Vincennes University


H.S. and Career & Technical Education Graduate:


Additional Technical Training:


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