Our Mission

To provide the opportunity for everyone to be successful at work and in life!

Our Vision

Everyone will be given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. We will provide a positive, safe, and secure environment for students to learn and achieve. A collaborative partnership among parents, teachers, staff, and the business community will assume responsibility for the future success of our students.

Our Beliefs

  • Students are the most important persons on campus.

  • All individuals are capable of success.

  • Learning is a lifelong process.

  • Professional technical education should be an integral part of everyone's education.

  • Improving and updating curriculum is a continual task for the faculty and staff.

  • Equity is essential to educational excellence.

  • Self-esteem and achievement are related.

  • There is dignity in work.

  • Diversity is an asset.

  • Economic success in the community is driven by educational excellence.

  • Student goal setting promotes achievement and an improved self-image.

  • Individual differences should be accommodated.

  • A pleasant and safe environment is essential for optimal learning and working conditions.

Our Objectives

  • Teach students how to learn

  • Use applied instruction.

  • Integrate basic education skills into technical instruction.

  • Get students emotionally involved in their learning.

  • Help students prepare for entry into the workforce.

  • Prepare students for workforce advancement.

  • Teach the essential workplace skills (teamwork, working without supervision, pride in product, loyalty, integrity, dependability).

  • Teach and demonstrate an exemplary work ethic.