Hands on experience in the marketing field or other business careers that earn a paycheck as well as school credit.


If you want to pursue a future in business that includes work experience, this is the class for you! Learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, business, management, and administration. With a focus on workplace skills, at PCCTC you will have a two-day classroom schedule that allows you time to work a minimum of 12-15 hours a week in a job in order to complete each semester’s work requirement of 220 hours. When time permits, help operate a student-run store here at the Career Center. You will also complete an in-depth student portfolio, set up a professional resume, practice interviewing skills, and be prepared for your future goals with education and new experiences here at PCCTC!

Additional opportunities that may be available upon qualification:

  • Eligible for dual credits in Business & Marketing through Ivy Tech Community College
  • Membership in student professional organization 

At Hobart the daily setup is a little different, but you will also have some class experience through Principles of Marketing and release time for your job.

If you don’t have a specific career selection yet, Work Study programs offer you the opportunity to do some career exploration. Sign up for one of these year long school-to-work options and begin your business and industry networking opportunities while still in high school.


  • Ball State University
  • Calumet College
  • Indiana University
  • Purdue University
  • Notre Dame
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Davenport University
  • Indiana State University


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business & Office Administration
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Startups
  • Fashion Design & Marketing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • HR Human Resources
  • Investments & Loans
  • Management
  • Marketing Design & E-Commerce
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sales & Communications
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • And more!



Ms. Ammons has been teaching for 17+ years and attended Ball State University for her A.S and Bachelor’s degrees. She attended Bethel University for her graduate studies in Business Education. She is licensed in Accounting and Finance, Communication and Career Development, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Law and International Business and Marketing/Management. When asked, what motivates you to teach? She says,”It starts with a passion and a foundation of knowledge in both business and education. Built on a belief in today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders, I am enthusiastic about creating exciting education programs that bring classroom lessons to life. My work experiences have been in the content I teach and reinforced with education in how to use successful teaching strategies. Ultimately pursuing success in the classroom and knowing students are prepared for their future is the goal, and I enjoy working towards it every day for all students. I love being a teacher, encouraging students to develop both leadership and individual skills for long-term success, working with students to reach that ‘aha’ moment, and hearing their success stories as they pursue their dreams in school and careers after graduation. Their success is my motivation!” Ms. Ammons brings to the classroom experiences in management, entrepreneurship, office administration and support, human resources, payroll administration, the travel industry and music. In her spare time, she enjoys backpacking, hiking, kayaking, piano, writing, painting, publishing and editing.

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Mrs. Lopez Gonzalez has earned her BS, MBA, MS and PhD while attending Calumet College, Indiana Wesleyan, Capella University and Purdue University. She has been teaching for 9 years and this is her second career. She spent 30+ years in the banking industry. She loves to read, travel with her husband and spend time with her family (2 grown children and 3 grandchildren).

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Mrs. Roach has her Master’s degree in Occupational Education specializing in Marketing from the University of Houston. She did her undergraduate studies at Southern Illinois University. Teaching high school has been her passion for 37 years (she took a six-year break to teach at the college level). She was a DECA sponsor for 30 years. She has been at Hobart High School for the past 22 years, has sponsored a variety of organizations and continues to co-sponsor the senior class and Brickie Leaders. She currently serves on the Hobart School Employees FCS and is on the board of the Hobart Education Foundation. She loves to read in her spare time as well as decorate, shop for antiques and vintage items and simply hang out with her three loves: Mr. Roach and their two pups!

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